Tiny Lantern for LED tea light coming soon

I spent some time designing and developing a new product: this tiny laser cut lantern for use with an LED “tea light”. Wax candles not such a good idea as the whole thing is made from paper & wood. I have a few different window styles and more to come. It’s also possible to do custom designs. I’ll be sending samples to wedding places like Ceridwen in the hope of some business from them.

The lanterns are held together with wedges, not glue and so can be posted flat in a Jiffy Bag for easy home assembly — I’ve even done some IKEA style instructions.

Some of the design effort went into making a nice product which I can sell for an attractive price. I wanted to get well below my cheapest box which is £45. The lanterns will be on sale in my on-line shop after Christmas for £15 each.

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