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LED Lamp

A change of direction

I am in the process of changing my business model. For two years I have been making craft objects and selling them through several different galleries. Sales have been steady and too slow to make a living.

From time to time, I have received messages from people asking if I sell my designs so they can make their own boxes, lamps and so on. Until recently, I hadn’t tried that. I added a few items to an Etsy shop and even without any marketing effort, sales have been steady. So this is where I will be focusing my attention from now on. I will be growing my range of laser cutter download projects, turning existing products into downloads and adding new designs. I’ll probably aim to add one new product every two weeks or so. It’s more work than it might sound: the project files I use are comprehensible to me and need work to be useful to anyone else. I’m also writing detailed instructions and, for the more complex products, making product videos.

At the moment, I have an on-line shop here on the Dragon Powered and another shop on Etsy. Customers pay a lower price here as I’m not VAT registered. Etsy gets more sales, though and I may decide to focus my attention there.