Stackable, clip together laser cut MDF boxes

The clip idea isn’t mine, this design using it is. These boxes are 10x20x6cm and are laser cut from 4mm MDF. I use them to hold small parts when I’m making lanterns etc. The clip mechanism is very satisfying. The box is ready for use immediately — no waiting for glue to dry.


Update: If you have access to a laser cutter, you can make these boxes/trays using the download project in my Etsy shop.

4 thoughts on “Stackable, clip together laser cut MDF boxes

    1. There are three sizes of clip tray/boxes in my Etsy shop. The blog post is several months older than the shop. I haven’t yet gone back over old blog posts to update them. Thanks for pointing this out.

      1. I wouldn’t usually condone a reply containing nothing but a URL as it looks like spam. I think Mr Annon is trying to point out someone else had the same “clip box” idea. The first thing I said in this post is “The clip idea isn’t mine, this design using it is”. I think my design is more elegant and the resulting box will be stronger.

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