Paper Lantern, “Moroccan”, laser cut brown 160gsm paper

Today I’ve been glueing the lanterns I laser cut yesterday. Here’s another, the “Moroccan” design, this time in dark brown 160gsm paper/light card. As usual, it’s illuminated by a LED tea light and definitely isn’t suitable for a wax candle which would probably set the lantern on fire in seconds.

Paper Lantern

2 thoughts on “Paper Lantern, “Moroccan”, laser cut brown 160gsm paper

  1. Awesome. I am looking to make some for my granddaughter bday next week. Where did u get the laser cut pattern?

    1. Thanks for your comment, I’m pleased you like the lanterns. The pattern is my own design. I have not offered the design for sale or free download. Now that I have closed Dragon Powered, I doubt I ever will.

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