Paper Lantern: Laser Cut 160gsm paper

I’ve been working on these for a couple of days, refining the design to something I’m pleased with and which is almost done. I will add a couple of holes in the top so I can add a string to hang the lantern from.

I’m planning to offer these in packs of 10 for around £50. There will be a range of designs including white lanterns for weddings. They will be posted flat in a stiff envelope. They’re easy to assemble with a bit of folding and a swipe of Pritt Stick.

The outer part slides off upwards so it’s easy to get to the LED tea light to switch it on and off.

Laser Cut paper lantern

Red Square Black Square

2 thoughts on “Paper Lantern: Laser Cut 160gsm paper

    1. Thanks for your enquiry. I closed the laser cut business last week, I’m afraid. I gave it 2.5 years and never managed to turn a profit. The cutter is sold. I’d better update the web site to let people know.

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