Family photo

Boxes in 4mm birch ply, laser cut & hand made, all using my own unique all-ply hinge. Wax polish finish. The largest (back left) is 15x21x9cm, the smallest (front left) is 9x9x9cm.

After several months of refining designs, learning how to use the laser cutter & how to work with birch ply, I’ve got five jewellery box designs I’m very pleased with. It took a while to build a small stock as The Cygnet Gallery have been selling them very well. Now I have a small stock, I plan to load them into my Folksy shop. I also plan to look for one or two more galleries in Wales to stock my work.

Of course, the laser cutter is a very versatile machine and I’ve spent most of my effort so far on birch ply. Now I’m comfortable with this family of boxes, I’ll be thinking about what else I could be making. More birch ply? Or another material entirely? I don’t know yet.

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