All the Dragon Powered download projects are in the Etsy shop. Please visit there to see what is available.

On this page you can download the makers’ notes for my laser cutter download projects and some free laser cutter projects. The notes are included in the paid downloads. If you’d like to see what’s involved in making one of my projects, these will be useful.

I’ll add new documents here as they become available.

Candle Lantern "Stars"
Candle Lantern “Stars”

Candle Lantern Notes: Maker’s Notes for Candle Lantern, a larger lantern than my tea light lantern for use with an LED candle.

All ply hinges

Hinges for 4mm birch ply and other 4mm sheet materials Laser cutter project DXF and CDR files for my all ply hinges.

LED Lamp
LED Lamp

LED Lamp Notes: Maker’s Notes for LED String Lantern. Designed for 12v LED light strings.

Clip together trays

Clip Tray Notes: Maker’s Notes for MDF Clip Trays.

Incense box

Incense Box Notes: Maker’s Notes for MDF Incense Box.

Tiny Lantern Hearts
Tea Light Lantern Hearts

Tea Light Lantern Notes: Maker’s Notes for Tea Light Lanterns.

Jewellery Box
Trinket Box

Ply box instructions for all ply boxes

Trinket box/essential oil box instructions (The “Ply box instructions” file contains most of the information — this one is specific to the Trinket Box and is shorter).