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Tea light lanterns

Two new designs for LED tea light lanterns

Here are two new LED tea light lanterns. The Celtic Cross was the idea of a house mate. The light bulb is my idea of humour. I have made one of each and will add these to the shop in the next day or two. The laser cutter project files will be available as a paid download in a day or two, as well.

Stackable, clip together laser cut MDF boxes

The clip idea isn’t mine, this design using it is. These boxes are 10x20x6cm and are laser cut from 4mm MDF. I use them to hold small parts when I’m making lanterns etc. The clip mechanism is very satisfying. The box is ready for use immediately — no waiting for glue to dry.


Update: If you have access to a laser cutter, you can make these boxes/trays using the download project in my Etsy shop.

Paper Lantern: Laser Cut 160gsm paper

I’ve been working on these for a couple of days, refining the design to something I’m pleased with and which is almost done. I will add a couple of holes in the top so I can add a string to hang the lantern from.

I’m planning to offer these in packs of 10 for around £50. There will be a range of designs including white lanterns for weddings. They will be posted flat in a stiff envelope. They’re easy to assemble with a bit of folding and a swipe of Pritt Stick.

The outer part slides off upwards so it’s easy to get to the LED tea light to switch it on and off.

Laser Cut paper lantern

Red Square Black Square

From inspiration to product

The inspiration for my tiny laser cut lanterns came from a picture I saw on Pinterest. I liked the idea I saw, thought I could do better. I love the whole experience of taking an idea, developing it and producing a finished product. This is probably what I most love to do, what gets me into flow. When an idea is upon me, I can’t leave it alone. This is the first time the development process has exhausted me, probably because I was already emotionally drained by recent experiences, particularly discovering my dear friend Linda Joy is so ill.

I’m very pleased with the cuteness of the tiny lanterns. I’m obviously hoping others like them too and that I will sell lots. Before the camping season, I will design & make a “chandelier” for my tent to hold four lanterns.

Laser cutter installed

The Dragon Powered laser cutter was delivered and commissioned by Daniel Edwards of RA Decal on Thursday. Getting the cutter to the workshop wasn’t trivial. It’s a large piece of equipment and weighs in at 100kg. A couple of friends came to help and the machine was carried up some steep steps to the workshop.