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Laser cut stamp

Laser cut rubber stamp

This stamp is laser cut from laser friendly rubber from Hobarts. The handle is laser cut from 4mm birch ply, also from Hobarts. I don’t have any plans to make a product of this, it’s an experiment at the moment.

Laser cut stamp
Laser cut stamp

Trinket/essential oil box product almost ready

My next download project is almost ready. The box can be used as a small jewellery box or trinket box, or with the optional divider, it can store 12 x 10ml bottles of essential oil.
This is glued and ready to be oiled which I will do in the next few days. Then I need to write instructions to complete the download product.

Free laser cut paper lantern at Instructables

I made my “Stars” paper lantern download project into a free download from Instructables. All four designs are available as a paid download from Etsy.

The wisdom of marketing in the Internet age is to give away something of genuine value (so not a cheap pen) in the hope that some will return and make a purchase. I’d like to be making a living at this, so I’m trying to spread the word about my work. Wish me luck!

Oil box render

New product in development

This is a new version of a box I first designed over a year ago. I have added feet to make the finished box more visually striking. The design remains fairly minimal and intends to make the most of the beautiful grain of birch plywood. The box is designed to be cut from 4mm birch ply. The image above is a 3D render of the design. The finished box will be 10x18x11cm.

The box has an optional insert to hold 12 x 10ml essential oil bottles. Without the insert, this would be ideal as a small jewellery or keepsake box. The box features my unique all ply hinges.

This is a more advanced project. Working with 4mm birch ply is more challenging that MDF or 6mm poplar ply as the birch is rarely flat, and requires some innovative techniques to create a box with a well fitting lid. The project explores these techniques and includes a lid gluing jig to be cut from 4mm MDF. As usual, detailed instructions are included.

LED Lamp

A change of direction

I am in the process of changing my business model. For two years I have been making craft objects and selling them through several different galleries. Sales have been steady and too slow to make a living.

From time to time, I have received messages from people asking if I sell my designs so they can make their own boxes, lamps and so on. Until recently, I hadn’t tried that. I added a few items to an Etsy shop and even without any marketing effort, sales have been steady. So this is where I will be focusing my attention from now on. I will be growing my range of laser cutter download projects, turning existing products into downloads and adding new designs. I’ll probably aim to add one new product every two weeks or so. It’s more work than it might sound: the project files I use are comprehensible to me and need work to be useful to anyone else. I’m also writing detailed instructions and, for the more complex products, making product videos.

At the moment, I have an on-line shop here on the Dragon Powered and another shop on Etsy. Customers pay a lower price here as I’m not VAT registered. Etsy gets more sales, though and I may decide to focus my attention there.

Tall "Moroccan" lamp

New product: Tall “Moroccan” style lamp — laser cutter download files

It’s taken longer than I hoped, but this product is now available from my Etsy shop. If you have access to a laser cutter, you can use this download product to make your own lamp.

Make as many as you like, so long as you’re a one person operation — for larger commercial use, please contact me.


Tall LED lantern

Tall, mains powered lantern

I finished this lantern at lunch time today. This one is 34cm tall and contains a 10 metre string of LED lights. The lights are powered by a mains adaptor.

The plans & project files will be available to download from my shop in a week or two. I may not have time next week as I’m away in Germany from mid-week.

Prototype Lantern

Prototype lantern

This is a prototype for a new lantern design. This is larger than the Tea Light lanterns I made earlier. It’s designed to be used with a Phillips 6cm diameter battery rechargeable candle. Cut from 6mm poplar ply. There are a couple of changes to make for the final product. About 18x10x18cm.