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Three layer bookmarks

I made these bookmarks a while ago using my Silhouette plotting cutter, not the laser cutter. I’m planning to revisit the idea, this time cutting on the laser cutter. The bookmarks are three layers of coloured card with lower layers inset by 1mm to create depth.





Laser cut votive candle stands, 6mm poplar ply

Here are two candle stands in two designs. They’re laser cut from 6mm poplar ply. Poplar is light, easy to work with and affordable. It doesn’t have the beautiful grain of birch. It makes an excellent base for staining and painting. I have painted these with ordinary household paint. I buy the little tester pots so I can get lots of colours without spending a fortune or buying loads of paint I’ll never use.

These holders fit a standard glass votive candle holder. The design can be easily adapted to accommodate different size holders. Having glass between the ply and the flame makes these pretty safe. Even so, it’s a bad idea to leave burning candles unattended.

Candle holders

Paper Lantern, “Moroccan”, laser cut brown 160gsm paper

Today I’ve been glueing the lanterns I laser cut yesterday. Here’s another, the “Moroccan” design, this time in dark brown 160gsm paper/light card. As usual, it’s illuminated by a LED tea light and definitely isn’t suitable for a wax candle which would probably set the lantern on fire in seconds.

Paper Lantern

In a departure, I did some sewing — pen roll

I just love making stuff. I’ll try all sorts of craft and a couple of years ago I bought a sewing machine. Here, I used a tool roll I bought at a craft market as inspiration for a pen roll. This holds my favourite pens & brush pens.

Pen Roll

Laser cut key rings engraved both sides

I got side tracked by the Tiny Lantern project, but today I finally finished the key rings I made using my Engrave Both Sides technique. I’ll put these in my on-line shop next week. They will be £7 each. As you can see, there are several styles and colours to choose from.