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Large Lanterns

Two new laser cutter download projects

I have added two new projects to my Etsy shop: A large Hearts Lantern and a large Stars Lantern. I’ll add them to the shop on this site in a day or two.

The lanterns are similar to the tea light lanterns I have been selling for a while. These new ones are a lot larger — 18cm (about 7 inches) to the top of the hook.

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Prototype Lantern

Prototype lantern

This is a prototype for a new lantern design. This is larger than the Tea Light lanterns I made earlier. It’s designed to be used with a Phillips 6cm diameter battery rechargeable candle. Cut from 6mm poplar ply. There are a couple of changes to make for the final product. About 18x10x18cm.

Tea light lanterns

Two new designs for LED tea light lanterns

Here are two new LED tea light lanterns. The Celtic Cross was the idea of a house mate. The light bulb is my idea of humour. I have made one of each and will add these to the shop in the next day or two. The laser cutter project files will be available as a paid download in a day or two, as well.

Tiny Lanterns

Laser cutter downloads added for Tea Light Lantern products

This morning I added two new products to the Dragon Powered shop — the “Hearts” and “Stars” versions of my LED tea light lanterns. Both are £7 (seven British pounds).

Stackable clip tray

Stackable, clip-together, laser cut trays in oak veneered MDF

These trays are the same design I made last year. This time I used some beautiful oak veneered MDF from Kitronix. I polished the oak with Osmo Polyx oil which brings out the grain and leaves a lovely satin finish.

Stackable clip tray (medium)
Stackable clip tray (medium)
Stackable clip tray (deep)
Stackable clip tray (deep)

Update: If you have access to a laser cutter, you can make these boxes/trays using the download project in my Etsy shop.

Small clip-together tray

Small stackable, clip-together trays, laser cut MDF

These are a smaller version of the clip-together trays I made last year. There’s something very satisfying about having a usable tray a few seconds after taking the pieces from the laser cutter — no gluing, clamping & waiting, just clip the parts together and the tray is ready for use.

Along with the larger trays, I’m planning to make the cutter files for these available as a paid download in the next week. Later, I will also make a download product from one of my birch ply boxes with my innovative hinges. I’m trying out the whole download for sale process with an easier and simpler product.

Update: If you have access to a laser cutter, you can make these boxes/trays using the download project in my Etsy shop.

Laser cut votive candle stands, 6mm poplar ply

Here are two candle stands in two designs. They’re laser cut from 6mm poplar ply. Poplar is light, easy to work with and affordable. It doesn’t have the beautiful grain of birch. It makes an excellent base for staining and painting. I have painted these with ordinary household paint. I buy the little tester pots so I can get lots of colours without spending a fortune or buying loads of paint I’ll never use.

These holders fit a standard glass votive candle holder. The design can be easily adapted to accommodate different size holders. Having glass between the ply and the flame makes these pretty safe. Even so, it’s a bad idea to leave burning candles unattended.

Candle holders

Stackable, clip together laser cut MDF boxes

The clip idea isn’t mine, this design using it is. These boxes are 10x20x6cm and are laser cut from 4mm MDF. I use them to hold small parts when I’m making lanterns etc. The clip mechanism is very satisfying. The box is ready for use immediately — no waiting for glue to dry.


Update: If you have access to a laser cutter, you can make these boxes/trays using the download project in my Etsy shop.

“Ocean” theme paper lantern

I designed this lantern and made a few kits for the “Mermaids & Ocean” theme exhibition in Cardigan’s Guild Hall. As usual, these are laser cut from 160gsm paper. A safe, flame-free LED tea light is included. Being made of paper, the lantern isn’t safe for use with a wax tea light or other naked flame.


Paper Lantern — as small as I can go

My sister asked if my paper lanterns could be any smaller. This is as small as I can go. Any smaller and I wouldn’t be able to get the tea light in. It’s laser cut from 160gsm paper with an LED tea light.

All the parts can be cut from a single sheet of A4 unlike the larger lanterns which use two sheets. I’m not sure whether I will make a product of these and offer them for sale.

Laser cut micro lantern