Dragon Powered is a one-man operation run by Mike Wilson.

I was a software developer for 25 years. At the end of a successful career, I was a Principle Software Engineer with Oracle Corp in Reading, Berkshire, UK.

The 21st Century saw a change of direction and four years of art college. I graduated from NEWI in Wrexham, north Wales in 2006 with a Ba (hons) in Fine Art. (NEWI is now Glyndŵr University).

I’ve been interested in art and many different crafts since childhood. I’ve been interested in computers since I bought one of the early home computers, a Commodore Pet, in the late 1970s. (In those days, people wanted to know what I wanted a computer for). Combining this unusual combination of skills has allowed me to create a unique range of products.

Throughout my software engineering career, I was fascinated by the idea of machinery being controlled by computer. I never got the opportunity to work with machines like this until after retiring from the industry. I finally managed to experience this way of working by buying my own laser cutter in 2014.