Monthly Archives: August 2016

Dealing with WordPress comment spam

This site is managed by WordPress. There are many advantages to using such a widely used platform. One disadvantage is that it’s a popular target for hackers and spammers. Dealing with comment spam is a nuisance, and I wanted some automation. The popular Akismet plugin is an obvious choice, and an expensive one. I’m trying out WP-SpamShield instead. It’s funded by donations and I’ll send something if I’m still using it in a couple of weeks. So far, I’m impressed. It has it’s own contact form so I’ve been able to remove two other plugins.

Prototype Lantern

Prototype lantern

This is a prototype for a new lantern design. This is larger than the Tea Light lanterns I made earlier. It’s designed to be used with a Phillips 6cm diameter battery rechargeable candle. Cut from 6mm poplar ply. There are a couple of changes to make for the final product. About 18x10x18cm.

Tea light lanterns

Two new designs for LED tea light lanterns

Here are two new LED tea light lanterns. The Celtic Cross was the idea of a house mate. The light bulb is my idea of humour. I have made one of each and will add these to the shop in the next day or two. The laser cutter project files will be available as a paid download in a day or two, as well.

Tiny Lanterns

Laser cutter downloads added for Tea Light Lantern products

This morning I added two new products to the Dragon Powered shop — the “Hearts” and “Stars” versions of my LED tea light lanterns. Both are £7 (seven British pounds).

Stackable clip tray

Downloadable products added

I have decided to offer some Dragon Powered products as downloads. To begin with, I have added three sizes of my clip together, stackable trays. Once I’ve found someone to check the shopping experience, I will add more products including at least one box that uses my unique, all ply hinges. I’ll also be adding a couple of my tiny LED tea light lanterns.

Laser cutter files for small, stackable, clip together tray

Laser cutter files for medium, stackable, clip together tray

Laser cutter files for deep, stackable, clip together tray