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Stackable, clip together laser cut MDF boxes

The clip idea isn’t mine, this design using it is. These boxes are 10x20x6cm and are laser cut from 4mm MDF. I use them to hold small parts when I’m making lanterns etc. The clip mechanism is very satisfying. The box is ready for use immediately — no waiting for glue to dry.


Update: If you have access to a laser cutter, you can make these boxes/trays using the download project in my Etsy shop.

“Ocean” theme paper lantern

I designed this lantern and made a few kits for the “Mermaids & Ocean” theme exhibition in Cardigan’s Guild Hall. As usual, these are laser cut from 160gsm paper. A safe, flame-free LED tea light is included. Being made of paper, the lantern isn’t safe for use with a wax tea light or other naked flame.


Paper Lantern — as small as I can go

My sister asked if my paper lanterns could be any smaller. This is as small as I can go. Any smaller and I wouldn’t be able to get the tea light in. It’s laser cut from 160gsm paper with an LED tea light.

All the parts can be cut from a single sheet of A4 unlike the larger lanterns which use two sheets. I’m not sure whether I will make a product of these and offer them for sale.

Laser cut micro lantern

Paper Lantern craft kits

Deborah at Pookashop suggested making craft kits from my paper lanterns. What an excellent idea. The hardest part was writing the instructions which aren’t likely to be earning any literary prizes. The kits are available from Pookashop in Cardigan, Wales.

At the moment, I’m not selliing these on-line. The kit includes the LED tea light which is too large to be posted as a large letter and so would cost £3.30 as a small parcel. Too expensive, I think, for a £5 lantern. I’m reluctant to leave out the LED tea light as I’m concerned people would use an ordinary wax candle tea light and then complain the lantern caught fire. The tea lights are cheap if you buy 10, not often offered singly.

I’m in the process of making a “How To” video showing how to make the lantern. I hope to finish that tomorrow afternoon. Most of the video is done, the voice over remains to be recorded.

Paper Lantern Kit
Paper Lantern Kit

New version of my “Hearts” Tiny Lantern

It’s a small change, but I think an improvement — a new asymmetrical “heart” shape which I like a lot. The size is unchanged and it still comes with an LED tea light. As before, it’s made of kindling so not safe for use with a wax candle or other naked flame.

Hearts lantern