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Paper Lanterns, laser cut 160gsm with LED tea light

These cute paper lanterns will be ready for Valentine’s Day in a couple of weeks. I’m planning to print some “no naked flame” labels for safety, then these will be offered for sale. I’m also planning to offer several different designs and customised lanterns. I’m hoping for some business from the wedding industry.

Paper Lanterns

 Paper Lanterns

Laser techniques video: Cutting at an angle other than 90 degrees

I made a series of tiny birch ply houses for an art project. I wanted the roof pitch to be 30 degrees and I wanted a nice join where the two roof parts meet. This meant cutting at an angle other than 90 degrees. I achieved this using a custom made jig.


Native wildlife key rings

I cut these yesterday and have just added them to the shop. All the drawings were done by my sister Ann Wilson apart from the dolphin which is Open Source. The key rings are laser cut from 4mm birch ply and are engrave on both sides.

Animal key rings

Four more tiny lanterns

Here are four more lanterns I cut yesterday. These are probably destined for the Cygnet Gallery in Shaftesbury, Dorset. I’ll be visiting family in Shaftesbury at the weekend, a good time to restock the gallery.

From left to right: “Moroccan” — inspired by Islamic architecture, “Stars” — four different sides all with stars, “Hearts” — four different sides all with hearts,”Wedding” — four different sides with a wedding theme.

Tiny Lanterns

Paper Lantern “Birds”, laser cut paper

I’m pleased with how this “Birds in a tree” silhouette design look but concerned about how delicate the branches are, how easily it would be damaged. I’d love to offer these for sale, so I’ll probably make a couple and see what customers think.

Paper Lantern "Birds"

Paper Lantern, “Moroccan”, laser cut brown 160gsm paper

Today I’ve been glueing the lanterns I laser cut yesterday. Here’s another, the “Moroccan” design, this time in dark brown 160gsm paper/light card. As usual, it’s illuminated by a LED tea light and definitely isn’t suitable for a wax candle which would probably set the lantern on fire in seconds.

Paper Lantern

Paper lantern, final version

Here’s the final version of my paper lantern. I’ve added a handle for carrying and hanging. There will be a range of different styles on offer in my shop in the next week or so.

Paper Lanterns

In a departure, I did some sewing — pen roll

I just love making stuff. I’ll try all sorts of craft and a couple of years ago I bought a sewing machine. Here, I used a tool roll I bought at a craft market as inspiration for a pen roll. This holds my favourite pens & brush pens.

Pen Roll

Paper Lantern: Laser Cut 160gsm paper

I’ve been working on these for a couple of days, refining the design to something I’m pleased with and which is almost done. I will add a couple of holes in the top so I can add a string to hang the lantern from.

I’m planning to offer these in packs of 10 for around £50. There will be a range of designs including white lanterns for weddings. They will be posted flat in a stiff envelope. They’re easy to assemble with a bit of folding and a swipe of Pritt Stick.

The outer part slides off upwards so it’s easy to get to the LED tea light to switch it on and off.

Laser Cut paper lantern

Red Square Black Square