I help laser cutter owners and operators create beautiful products by offering good design and knowledge of materials.

Some of us, when we get access to a laser cutter, want to explore the possibilities of the machine. We are determined to do something more interesting than make simple signs. Some of of us will not be sure where to begin on that exploration, perhaps we won’t know which materials to use, perhaps we won’t have the time or the experience to design the objects we would like to make.

Dragon Powered is here to offer a range of designs for your laser cutter. I believe you will find these interesting and inspiring. I trust making one or two of my projects will inspire you to begin working on your own designs.

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Visit my Etsy shop to see my range of well designed laser cutter projects.

There are also some free projects on my Downloads page. That page also has downloadable instructions for many of my projects. Reading these will give you some idea of how challenging each project is.