IMG_20150626_092611-2Dragon Powered came about in a back to front way. I thought “how cool would it be to have a laser cutter to play with” and from there, had the idea of making a business of it. My plan is to spend my days making stuff, playing with computers and expressing my creative and artistic ideas. If I can do all of that and make a living doing it, how cool would that be?

I think my combination of skills and interests is unusual and I hope this will allow me to create a unique range of products and services. I’ve been interested in many different crafts since childhood. I’ve been interested in computers since I bought one of the early home computers, a Commodore Pet, in the late 1970s. In those days, people wanted to know what I wanted a computer for. I’ve been interested in art for many years and in 2003, took a career break to spend four years at art college. I graduated Ba (hons) Fine Art in 2006.

My current range consists of unique boxes for jewellery, trinkets, keepsakes etc and is for sale in my on-line shop. I also take commissions for laser cut work and consult on laser cutter operation.

I work with a wide range of materials including birch and poplar ply, MDF, Perspex (acrylic), fabric and stencil Mylar.

I’ve had a very satisfying time designing boxes, developing my unique and innovative hinges and finding ways to work with ply which isn’t flat in sheet form. The opportunities for creativity are many and varied which suits me very well.

At the moment, I’m applying the methods I have developed to make a range of birch and poplar ply boxes for jewellery, keepsakes, trinkets etc. Using the laser cutter saves a lot of time in cutting the parts. There’s still several hours work glueing, clamping, sanding, lining and polishing. I have also begun to design some lighting and have just added a table lamp to the shop.

My boxes are more affordable than those made entirely by hand which may take many days to finish. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in the shop, please feel free to contact me — I have more boxes ready to ship than are listed at the moment.

The resulting boxes are minimal, clean and sophisticated. I don’t enjoy excessive ornamentation and you won’t find it on my work. The beauty here comes from the grain of the birch which I intend to display to best effect, or from the coloured stain I use on poplar which brings out the grain.